Wreckless Sending Racing
Show the World WHO YOU ARE!

Wreckless Sending is a race* team based out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas.  We are a race team actively competing in the Texas Enduro Cup, Southern Enduro Series, and a variety of XC races as well.  We represent progression, whether its placing at your favorite round of enduro, hitting that 9ft drop in Bentonville (Drop the Hammer attendees raise your hand), or completing your first green trail.  We are a team based around progression, and support, both for our team and the community we all love. If you see our Wreckless Sending canopy at any event, please come say hi!

*progression, support, and self growth are not limited to racing – we have members that just love to ride, and we encourage that just as much.

Present the real you; the Wreckless you. 

The Wreckless Sending Race Team is about more than a trophy cabinet. It’s a family of riders with a shared outlook and a passion for never backing down. 

Not alone in our beliefs, here are some of our friends whose shoulders we stand on. 


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Support the companies that support us.  We are proud to be partnered with Guerrilla Gravity bikes and TrailOne Components!


Wreckless Sending sends a message. We aren’t afraid of a challenge. We aren’t afraid of dusting off and getting back on the trail. We are relentless in our message that life is short, gravity is inevitable and none of us are getting out of here alive so while we’re still in the game, we’re going to live life WRECKLESSLY.